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Dyslexia Awareness Month

October, a month known for many things-- Halloween, Breast Cancer Awareness, Dental Hygiene month. But, it is also Dyslexia Awareness Month and National ADD/ADHD Awareness Month, both of which generally go hand-in-hand when receiving a dyslexia diagnosis.

The purpose of Dyslexia Awareness Month is to help raise awareness about dyslexia and the misconceptions that surround it. With research, many experts have found effective tools and methods for helping to increase reading skills of people with dyslexia. The more awareness that is raised, the better opportunities we have to provide people with dyslexia the power of reading.

Some signs of dyslexia include:

  1. trouble decoding words

  2. slow or laborious reading

  3. trouble differentiating between left and right

  4. reversal of letters or numbers

  5. trouble following multi-step directions

There can be many warning signs of dyslexia, but the important thing is to recognize the signs. There are many multi-sensory and explicit reading programs to help people with dyslexia overcome these difficulties. Although dyslexia is not curable, it is treatable.


How To Raise Awareness

Dyslexia Awareness Month was first observed in 2002. Since then, more and more people are becoming aware of dyslexia. But, we still have a long way to go.

International Dyslexia Association (IDA) offers a selection of resources and events to help share information about dyslexia. Attending these events will offer you insight on how to help tackle dyslexia.

The official hashtag for Dyslexia Awareness Month is #dyslexiaawarenessmonth. Use this on any of your social media post to help spread the word.

We invite you to celebrate this month with us as we share resources and readings to help spread the word about dyslexia.

Click here to visit the IDA website for more helpful resources

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