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Our Services

Welcome to our Services section. Here, we offer a range of specialized programs and therapies to support individuals with learning difficulties. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to help individuals overcome challenges and reach their full potential. Please fill out a contact form is you are interested in any of our services.

Distance Learning

Dyslexia Therapy

Our Dyslexia Therapy program is designed to help individuals with dyslexia improve their reading and writing skills. 

Creative Thoughts

Educational Coaching

At Learning Solutions, we offer additional support in executive functioning, advanced comprehension, and writing.

Stuffed Felt Alphabets

K-1 Teacher Training

BUILD is a tier 2 intervention that is designed to be delivered by teachers to students identified as 'at risk' in grades K-1.

Working from Home

CALT Cross or Retrain
and Jet training for CALTs

If you’re already a CALT and interested in training in Take Flight or MTA, Learning Solutions offers personalized instruction over five sessions at your convenience. Training in Jet is also available for those already trained in Take Flight .  We believe that continued learning is essential in this field, and we would love to help you advance your skills. Our retraining program consists of 40+ hours of personalized instruction in a 1-1 or small group setting. 

Graduation Caps

CALT Training

Our Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) Training equips professionals with the knowledge and skills to provide effective language-based interventions.

Writing an application


Learning Solutions is committed to providing professional learning services to individuals seeking to enhance their skills or learning more about dyslexia. 

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